Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble 1.0

Simple, and easy puzzle game for your Pocket PC


  • Easy to play


  • Slow
  • Only two levels
  • Dull

Not good

Bubble Trouble is a super-basic Bust-a-Move clone for your Pocket PC.

Gameplay is simple - you have to fire colored balloons at other balloons. When 3 of the same color touch, they explode, and by linking up chains of balloons, you can clear the screen. Bubble Trouble features just two levels of balloons to clear, unfortunately, and while it passes the time, it move so slowly that you never need to try very hard!

The presentation is pretty dull, and there is no sound at all. you can control Bubble Trouble via the touchscreen or the keypad - or both! Aiming with the keypad is painfully slow, but this adds some much needed difficulty to the game! There are many balloon-popping games out there, and most are more fun than Bubble Trouble.

Bubble Trouble is too short, too slow and too quiet. There is really little to recommend it!

Bubble Trouble


Bubble Trouble 1.0

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